261M - Solenóide de 2500 libras, De Embutir, Fail-Secure, Monitoramento de Status

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261M (EB261M) electric dropbolt incorporates a mechanical cylinder unlock the door manually in case of an unexpected power failure.
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261M (EB261M)

Fail-Secure Version
Power to Unlock
Operating Voltage
12~24 VAC/DC (self-regulating)
Current Draw
1.2A/12VDC (at 20°C)
Operating Temperature
Lock's surface Temperature (when the power is on)
Ambient Temperature +20°C
Over 500000 cycles
Face Plate Material
Stainless Steel
Net Weight
Locked and Unlocked Status Output
261M (EB261M)


- Electric and mechanical operation via Euro-profile cylinder;
- Bevel latchbolt resolving positioning problem;
- Reversible latchbolt;
- Fail-secure mode.



Door Leaf Flush Installation

261M (EB261M) can be fitted to the side of the door.

Door Leaf Flush Installation

Adjustable Latch Bolt

Please reverse the latch bolt according to the door opening direction. (Version 1 is the factory setting.)

Adjustable Latch Bolt

12~24VAC/DC self-regulating

The Electric Dropbolt operates on 12~24 VAC/DC input voltage with self regulating feature.

Long Life Solenoids

The specially designed solenoid aims for strength and long life. The solenoid guarantees 500,000 times of operations.

Single Action Doors

EB261/EB265 electric dropbolt is not designed for double swing doors. It can only be installed on both outswing and inswing doors.

Single Action Doors
Local Aplicação Interno
Tipo Pino Solenóide
Resistência 2500 lbs
Aplicação De Embutir
Lógica Fail-Secure
Sensor de Atracação Sim
Certificações CE