NUUO Crystal is the product that represents the next stage in VMS evolution. Rock solid, easily manageable, with powerful recording and viewing options available. Featuring revolutionary modular system structure that is made to handle large project size, NUUO Crystal is the ideal choice for your enterprise. Featuring technology that focuses on delivering stable video recording performance, recording failover, and 3rd party integration choice, you will be impressed with the stability and flexible options with NUUO Crystal.

NUUO Crystal

Design Highlights

Centralized Management

NUUO Crystal features support for unlimited numbers of cameras, 3rd party access control systems, POS, and I/O devices. Any number of users and user groups may be assigned for different levels of management rights, monitoring points, and event processing. Combined with the intuitive NuClient software to provide centralized live view and playback video stream, NUUO Crystal provides user with total control over the entire system at their finger tips. NUUO Crystal also comes with failover function to safeguard server uptime and performance consistency. A cornerstone of any enterprise level solution, NUUO Crystal's N + M failover mechanism allows for servers to be assigned and managed as clusters, so recording can be further protected efficiently.

NUUO Crystal Centralized Management

Megapixel Recording Powerhouse

Ultilizing custom recording technology known as File Ring, NUUO Crystal is able to handle high megapixel recordings by redefining how hard drives store and retrieve video data. File Ring is a custom technology built from the ground up. Able to maintain data throughput up to 250 Mbps for a single volume, 400 Mbps for two volumes, and 500 Mbps for three volumes, NUUO Crystal is a true recording powerhouse.

NUUO Crystal Megapixel Recording Powerhouse

Cutting Edge Video Technology

NUUO Crystal supports an unlimited number of video wall displays up to 100 channels per monitor. With built-in View Wizard, changing view configuration is as easy as draging and droping different view grids. NUUO Crystal also features Image Fusion to stitch multiple views into one single picture. Combined with PTZ joystick control, Fisheye Dewarp algorithm, and video tour modes, reviewing and monitoring just became simpler than ever.

NUUO Crystal Cutting Edge Video Technology

Feature Highlights

Server Highlights

- Centralized management to manage unlimited devices and events on unified NuClient;
- Linux based system;
- Records up to 64 megapixel cameras per recording server;
- High throughput (250~550Mbps) supporting up to 64 channels of 5-Megapixel cameras (*2);
- Recording failover (*3);
- Metadata Server for 3rd party integration - POS, Access Control (*1);
- Supports over 2000 camera models from more than 80 brands, and RTSP video stream (*1).

Enterprise Management

- Built-in Management Server, Recording Server, Recording Failover Server (*3) and Metadata Server in one NUUO Crystal server;
- Centralized I/O and event monitoring/response system;
- System status monitoring;
- Support NTP; Management Server can be a time server to make all system time consistent;
- Volume group to distribute cameras to assigned volumes;
- Individual Retention Condition (IRC) per device;
- PTZ control priority;
- Powerful authorization for device permission and function privilege.


- Support RAID 0,1, 5, and 10;
- Support redundant power (CT-8000RP);
- Support hardware watchdog (CT-8000R and CT-8000RP) and software watchdog.

Open Platform

- Onvif Profile compatible;
- Camera multiple stream support (*1);
- Multiple codec support: H.264,MJPEG, MPEG4 and MxPEG.

Value-added Benefits

- Synchronized audio and video recording;
- Stream up to 256ch live viewing connections per server to multiple clients simultaneously;
- Camera edge motion detection;
- Support continuous, scheduled, event based and I/O based recording;
- Schedule-based and input-triggered boosting record;
- Schedule-based user management;
- Scheduled Backup video to FTP location;
- Watermark for video verification;
- Dual gigabit Ethernet ports.

Client Highlights

- Cross platform for Windows and Mac;
- All in one NuClient for centralized configuring and viewing;
- Unlimited channels of NuMatrix Video Wall (*3);
- Up to 400CH live view on NuClient.

Enterprise Management

- Centralized multi-layer E-map;
- Centralized I/O Panel and Event Panel;
- Public and Private View/View profile for each user;
- View Tour to loop through selected Views.

Open Platform

- 3rd party data overlay on videos, event search and keyword search;
- Generic Fisheye Dewarp technology for all fisheye cameras;
- Panorama 360° PTZ ─ Immervision and VIVOTEK fisheye camera;
- Support multiple stream profile;
- Auto and simutaneously switch stream profile.

Value-added Benefits

- Support mobile client for iPhone / iPad / Android;
- NUUO Image Fusion Technology –stitch up to 10 cameras together;
- Layout Wizard - customized layout for viewing;
- Instant Playback on live view, e-map and event list;
- Twin Clients to support identical, full featured software client and web client;
- Support digital and optical PTZ;
- Support preset and patrol;
- Save video clips into AVI, ASF and MOV;
- Intelligent Search in playback.

External Supports

- External storage through 3rd party DAS, iSCSi (*1);
- Support third party POS and Access control (*1);
- Support up to 256 NUUO I/O boxes per server;
- Support APC UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).

(*1) Please refer to for details;
(*2) 250Mbbps: 64x 5-Megapixel cameras (based on H.264, 10 fps, moderate traffic);
(*3) Available in Ultimate.

System Architecture

NUUO Crystal System Architecture

Advanced Modular Design

NUUO Crystal features revolutionary modular system structure design. The benefits of a modular system design is that not only can it be managed centrally, down on a process level every module can also work independently of each other. So when a process fails, only that process module shuts down and the rest of the system will continue to function normally, further enhancing NUUO Crystal's system stability.

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