EB300 - Solenóide de 1000 libras, Sobrepor em Porta de Madeira ou Aço

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The EB300 electric dropbolt is designed for surface mount application.
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Fail-Safe Version
Power to Lock
Operating Voltage
12 VDC
Voltage Tolerance
Current Draw
Pull in: 0.9A, Holding: 0.3A/12VDC (at 20°C)
Door Position status output (Reed rated 0.25A/30VDC)
Indicates door open or closed status.
Operating Temperature
0~95% non-condensing
Over 500000 cycles
Auto-relocking Time Delay
0, 3 ,6 ,9 seconds
Auto-relocking Time Delay
0, 3 ,6 ,9 seconds
Net Weight
1.1 Kg



Long Life Solenoids

The specially designed solenoid aims for strength and long life. The solenoid is guaranteed 500,000 times of operations.

Relock Time Delay

Adjustable Time Delay of 0,3,6,9 seconds with 2 way DIP switch. (Default Value: 0 sec.)

Relock Time Delay

Vandal Resistant Circuitry

The vandal resistant circuitry means the door position sensor can't be fooled into projecting the electric dropbolt unless the door is actually closed. The reed sensor automatically disconnects after the bolt is projected to enhance security of the lock.

Vandal Resistant

Energy Saving Design

After the dropbolt is completely locked, the current draw changes from 0.9A to 0.3A to prolong its life.

Energy Saving Design

Surface Mount on Narrow Frame

The EB300 dropbolt and strike plate with complete housings are specially designed for narrow door frames.

Surface Mount on Narrow Frame
Local Aplicação Interno
Tipo Pino Solenóide
Resistência 1000 lbs
Aplicação Sobrepor
Lógica Fail-Safe
Sensor de Atracação Sim
Certificações CE