Welcome to the Company that
creates Safe Environments.

VAULT is a technology company that has been operating for more than two decades developing 'State of the Art " Physical Barriers, Access Control and high security Integrated Systems.

Our technical knowledge, along with our expertise in the market has resulted in a range of high quality and performance equipments and softwares which work together to protect and control access to areas of restricted traffic.

The integration of these solutions gives our clients greater efficiency in prevention, managing and treatment of incidents, risks and losses.

With global performance and the best distribution, integration and installation channels in the market, we pledge to always deliver the best solution to our partners’ and clients’ projects.

VAULT office in São Paulo-SP
VAULT - Welcome to Safety

Welcome to Safety

What drives us is the satisfaction of knowing that all our work results in the protection of people. The evolution of this thought and VAULT's evolution led us to seek a new form of communication with the market.

This new form of communication is reflected in the new VAULT Portal and future actions to come. Among them, the new slogan created to consolidate our focus on the customer and the concern to understand your need.

We are much more than a technology company focused on security. We are suppliers of tranquility and well being. We will give you a warm welcome whenever you come into an environment protected by us.

Welcome to Safety. This is our message and new slogan.

High Security Physical Barriers

VAULT is the greatest national reference when it comes to High Security Physical Barriers, producing the most sturdy, sophisticated and modern equipment for the protection of environments such as: commercial, industrial, government, military and residential facilities.
The High Security Physical barriers are obstacles that discourage, delay, hinder, limit or prevent movement autonomy of people or vehicles, as well as free circulation in public or private places.

Our multiple certifications guarantee effectiveness in risk mitigation and the reassurance of a well made investment in security.

High Security Physical Barriers VAULT

High Security Access Control and Integrated Systems

VAULT is an expert in technology and integration of Security Systems, and develops cutting edge solutions to manage and monitor any property.
With VAULT, the Access Control Systems, CFTV, Intruder Alarm, Fire Alarm, and Automation, among others, work in a unified manner, increasing the efficiency of the operation and drastically reducing the Security management and monitoring costs.
High Security Access Control and Integrated Systems VAULT

Global Positioning

As a GLOBAL company committed to provide the best solutions for its clients’ projects, VAULT is always present at world events and markets in search of novelties and trends.

Through different models, solid partnerships were established with companies in several Security areas, which guarantees Access to the Best products with the Best cost benefit to the client wherever He may be.

Agreements for manufacturing in OEM or through licensing allow for products which comply with the most rigid standards of resistance and functionality to be available to VAULT clients, in accordance with the most renowned certifications and international norms.

With the objective of developing new Technologies and internationalizing the commercialization of its platforms, VAULT has made joint venture and exclusive representation and distribution agreements, increasing product penetration in the different markets in which it is in.

Over the years, VAULT has obtained great results in creating and strengthening these partnerships, as well as understanding and respecting the different cultural aspects of each country. As a result, the company has been successful in Brazil and in its expansion in several international markets such as America and Asia.

Global Positioning VAUT
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