VAULT, a company that specializes in High-Security Physical Barriers (Armored Equipment, Bollards and Special Projects) and Integrated Security Systems (Access Control, CFTV and Alarms), through its system integrators, has just implemented an Access Control system in the four new floors of the offices of the Zurich insurance firm, on Avenida Berrini, in São Paulo; as well as at the insurance firm Unimed, in its unit in Barra, in Rio de Janeiro.

At Zurich, the integrator SMART SLG implemented a system of Access Control and Video-monitoring that covers 40 doors with SCAIIP PoE (Power over Ethernet) controllers , an integrated solution that didn’t require any additional infrastructure at remote points for additional AC power. A VAULT Biocheck TF 1,700 Biometric Reader was also installed, in addition to more than 100 cameras managed by two NUUO Titan NRVs, with the capacity to process an enormous amount of data transfer, increasing recording performance to 64 2-Megapixel cameras.

At Unimed, the integrator CONSEG implemented an 80 door Access Control system using SCAIIP PoE, in addition to a proximity reader for SR_EM cards. “Both projects resulting in time savings with installation and reduced infrastructure costs due to the use of SCAIIP PoE equipped with Green Power PoE technology which consumed less energy since it requires only a CAT 5e/6” cable, states Gustavo Rizzo, VAULT’s director.