Data Centers


Data Centers

With the evolution of technology and the advent of “cloud” solutions, the security of data centers has increasingly been put to the test. Whoever thinks that these structures and companies are simply victims of cybercrime and online invasions is mistaken. Several physical risks put the best Datacenters in the market in check, and consequently the information residing in their equipment. Among the threats that must be prevented are fire, heat, smoke, corrosive gases, water, leaks, unauthorized access, theft, burglary, debris, explosion, dust, firearms and electromagnetic pulses.

When thinking of state of the art security for Datacenters, VAULT developed the best solutions for the Integration of Electronic Systems and High Security Physical Barriers. Architectural armoring of environments,  special and armored doors, access control of environments and Racks, and platforms and equipment for video surveillance,  besides integration with the fire and intrusion alarm systems. With VAULT, your Datacenter and all your valuable information as well as your customers’ information will be more secure.

Solutions Suggested


    Surveillance and Access Control Center

  • Biometrics

    Access Control to restricted areas and Racks.

  • Locks

    Access Control to restricted areas and Racks.

  • Armored Environment

    Data storage areas

  • Bollards

    Vehicle Flow Control and external area protection.

  • Tiger Claws

    Vehicle Flow Control and external area protection.

Results Obtained

  • Discouragement of criminal actions against the facilities and confidential information.

  • Constant monitoring of activities in the restricted areas and Racks with data storage equipment.

  • Agility in detecting events and critical situations.

  • Total integration of Access Control, Video Surveillance, Alarms and Physical Barrier Management.

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