In the Health segment,  Hospitals, Clinics and Laboratories are striving for sophistication in their facilities and equipment, with significant investments in equity, technology and hospitality. Along with this development, it is necessary to consider the risk that becomes latent within this modern and valuable structure, especially those related to asset, staff, and patient security.

Our Integrated Security Solutions tailored to this Market prevent and reduce the risks found in the Hospital, Clinic, and Laboratory premises, inhibiting the actions of criminals. Besides controlling access to the common areas, to restricted environments and areas subject to contamination, they also monitor various environments and sectors, and finally integrate the alarm system through our Integrated Platform. Another great advantage is the possibility of using pre-existing infrastructure of analog cameras together with digital cameras, thus avoiding to change the company’s technological equipment and unnecessary costs.

Solutions Suggested

Results Obtained

  • Reduction in the risk of invasion and in student and staff exposure to risks related to financial transactions and assets.

  • Minimize losses with waste and theft of drugs, surgical, and outpatient items.

  • Greater efficiency with Visitor Control.

  • Agility in detecting events and critical situations.

  • Integration of access control, video surveillance, Physical Barrier Management, and Alarms.

  • Possibility of using the system for recording and making available videos of surgeries and procedures for further analysis or technical and academic use.

Clients in this Segment

  • Hospital Albert Einsten – SP
    Hospital Albert Einsten – SP
  • Hospital das Clínicas – SP
    Hospital das Clínicas – SP
  • Hos. das Clínicas – S. J. do Rio Preto
    Hos. das Clínicas – S. J. do Rio Preto
  • Unimed – RJ
    Unimed – RJ
  • Grupo D'Or
    Grupo D'Or
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