For quite some time, having an Integrated Security System in your home is no longer a luxury and has become an urgent and primary need. The lack of  safety public infra-structure leads citizens who have assets to have to deal with one of the basic requirements of the modern world: quality of life.

It is a matter of keeping your most valuable assets away from imminent danger. Your family, your material goods, and your memories need to be protected and preserved from the eyes of criminals and opportunists.

For this reason, VAULT ‘s main mission is to develop and produce products capable of offering tranquility and protection, while discouraging criminals of any initiatives against your dear ones and your property.

Solutions Suggested

Results Obtained

  • Reduction in invasion risk and exposure of family members, visitors and property.

  • Transfer of risk to less protected homes or buildings

  • Tranquility and well being resulting from the sensation of greater safety.

  • Agility in detecting events and critical situations.

  • Integration of Access Control, Video Surveillance, Physical Barrier Management, and Alarms.

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