Logistics Centers


Logistics Centers

The heating of the national economy has transformed Logistics Centers into real gold mines for criminals searching these  facilities, often improperly protected, for high value cargos. Electronics, white line appliances, beverages, medicines, can all be reasons for incidents. According to NTC & Logistics, a security advisory , over 15,000 cargo thefts occur annually in this country. The southeast registered approximately 83% of the cases. According to the Sindicato das Empresas de Transportes de Carga de São Paulo e Região (the Syndicate of Cargo Transportation Companies of São Pauloand Region) (SETCESP), the State of São Paulo has recorded a loss of over R$ 200 million a year in cargo theft.

This is the segment towards which  VAULT has focused its attention on, and developed customized solutions for  the Integration of Electronic Systems and High Security Physical Barriers. Architectural armoring of environments, armored and special doors, vehicle flow control equipment, access control of environments, platforms and equipment for video surveillance, as well as the integration with the fire and intrusion alarm systems. With VAULT, your Datacenter and all your valuable information and that of your customers will be more secure.

Solutions Suggested

Results Obtained

  • Discouragement of criminal actions against the facilities.

  • Reduction of invasion risk and exposure of employees to risks related to handling of cargo and to the property.

  • Greater efficiency of Visitor Control.

  • Agility in detecting events and critical situations.

  • Total integration of Access Control, Video Surveillance, Alarms and Physical Barrier Management.

Clients in this Segment

  • Sanca Logística
    Sanca Logística
  • Multilaser
  • Etna
  • Atacadão
  • Pernambucanas
  • DHL
  • Cnaga
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