FE300 - Fechadura Elétrica Tipo "Strike" de 2000 libras

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FE300 (GK300) series, ANSI-size electric strikes, accommodate up to 15 mm latch throw in cylindrical or mortise locksets without a deadbolt.

They operate on a single voltage solenoid, 12 or 24V, and come with an optional latchbolt monitor. Stainless steel faceplates ensure strength and long life.

The lock mode is field convertible from either fail-lock to fail-unlock.
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FE300 (GK300)

Door frame
Hollow metal Frames
Latch monitoring switch
Não possui
Mortise Mount
Optional Accessory
Operating Voltage
12VDC (24VDC available by special order)
Current Draw
0.25A/12 VDC; 0.15A/24 VDC (at temperature 20oC)
Sensor Switch monitor output
Operating Temperature
0~95% non-condensing
Stainless steel faceplate, zinc alloy main stand (FE300 (GK300), GK301, GK310). Aluminum alloy main stand (GK350) Tested to 1,000,000 cycles
Net Weight (approx.)
380g; 270g(GK350)

Version Changeable

The FE300 (GK-300) electric strike can easily be changed between failsafe and fail-secure modes. This unique design enables distributors to reduce inventory and still meet varying needs and requirements of end users.

Version Changeable FE300



CSIRO Fire-resistance Certificate

This product’s materials and parts have been proven to be fire resistant in accordance with the test procedures of Sponsored Investigation FSV 0609 and the terms of clause 4.1 of Australian Standard 1905, Part 1-1997.

Long life solenoids

Special solenoid is designed for strength and long life and guarantees the operating lifetime of at least 1,000,000 times.

FE300M (GK300M) Hollow Metal Mortise Mount

FE300M (GK300M) Hollow Metal Mortise Mount
Local Aplicação Interno
Padrão Americano
Lógica Fail-Safe e Fail-Secure
Monitoramento de Status Não
Força 2000 lbs
Sensor de Atracação Não