GD830/900F-UL - Door Holder de Piso, 24V, com Botão de Liberação

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Electromagnetic Door Holders are suitable for and mostly found in large-scale buildings like hospitals, hotels,department stores, etc. They release doors and prevent the spreading of smoke out of a confined space in case of fire.

The power source is supplied by the fire fighting system either 24 VDC (or 12VDC special order). The door holder is a Fail-safe device which automatically cuts off the power and closes the fire door when the fire fighting system detects a fire. The door can also be instantly released manually by using the release button.
SKU: GD830/900F-UL
Categorias: Door Holders

Door Holder Mod. GD830-900F

Operating Voltage
24VAC/DC (12VAC/DC is available by special order)
Current Draw:
120mA/12VDC / 60mA/24VDC
Power Off Button
Release Holding Force
Holding Force
80 libras
Black Powder Coated

GD830-900F-UL Floor Mount

GD830-900F-UL Floor Mount
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