GK500 (WS300NF) - Fechadura Elétrica Tipo "Strike", Fail-Safe

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GK500 is used with a nightlatch, cylindrical lockset or lockset without deadbolt.

The keeper accommodates 9 mm latch throw and its width is adjustable up to 3 mm.
SKU: GK500 (WS300NF)
Categorias: Elétricas / Strikes


Operating Voltage
12 or 24 VDC (Fail-secure)
Current Draw
0.25A/12 VDC 0.24A/24 VDC (at temperature 20°C)
Operating Temperature
0~95% non-condensing
Max. latch throw
9mm, width: 44mm
500,0000 cycles on solenoid. 800lbs jaw strength pull testing (static)
zinc alloy main stand
Net Weight (approx.)
185g (GK500). The width of keeper area is adjustable to satisfy the latchbolt width

Durable material

The zinc alloy main stand with stainless steel or metal faceplate for durability and sturdy. Heat treatment of some inner parts enhances the construction strength.

Long life solenoids

Special designed solenoid for strength and long operating life time through up to 5000,000 cycle test.


GK500 Dimensões

idth of keeper can be adjusted (Max.3mm)

GK500 Width

Mortise Mount on Hollow Metal Frames

GK500 Mortise Mount on Hollow Metal Frames

Mortise Mount on Wood Frames

GK500 Mortise Mount on Wood Frames

Surface Mount Installation

GK500 Surface Mount Installation

GK510 Fail-Secure

GK500 Fail-Secure


GK500 Aplicação
Local Aplicação Interno
Padrão Europeu
Lógica Fail-Safe
Monitoramento de Status Não
Força 600 lbs
Sensor de Atracação Não