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NUUO Mainconsole is the best choice when you have existing older analog systems but wants to upgrade to IP cams. It provides seamless integration between older and newer types of cameras. NUUO Mainconsole is also flexible. Choose from software + capture card option or software + capture card + certified hybrid machines to ensure optimum performance. The configuration option is limitless.
SKU: nuuo-mainconsole-ip-nvr
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Model Name: SCB-IP+01
IP License: 1
Model Name: SCB-IP+04
IP License: 4
Model Name: SCB-IP+08
IP License: 8
Model Name: SCB-IP+12
IP License: 12
Model Name: SCB-IP+16
IP License: 16
Model Name: SCB-IP+25
IP License: 25
Model Name: SCB-IP+32
IP License: 32
Model Name: SCB-IP+36
IP License: 36
Model Name: SCB-IP+64
IP License: 64 (*1)

(*1) The maximum number of camera connections depends on the server’s hardware configuration and the total bit rate of the IP cameras. Please check NUUO Calculator on http://www.nuuo.com/wiki.php.

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