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NUUO POS solution connects surveillance video with transaction data from Point of Sale (POS) and ATM. All barcode scanned or typed in items can be displayed on live view or playback and used to trigger user-defined alarms. For example, NUUO POS solution sends an alarm to alert the manager when a transaction is void. The system will store all the transactions and special events in a secured, keyword-searchable database with attached video footage for easy review of each transaction.

NUUO POS solution

NUUO POS solution allows a manager to instantly playback a transaction or search for a specific transaction video even months after it took place. This helps reduce the hidden losses resulting from employee theft, sweet-hearting and other POS frauds. NUUO surveillance system and POS solution protect your property and help you make your business more profitable.

Key features of using NUUO POS solution:

- Fully compatible and scalable with NUUO Mainconsole family (NVR, DVR and Hybrid systems) and CMS for single site or chained operation;
- Display POS data from multiple locations;
- Record transaction data with surveillance video;
- 4 pre-defined POS events such as cash drawer open and register disconnect;
- 10 user-defined POS alarms allowing customization such as text match, value comparison and rate of occurrence...etc.;
- Up to 10 instant responses for each POS event;
- Keyword search to filter out suspicious transactions across multiple register database.

POS Integration

Don't see your POS manufacture listed or need more details on register models or software integration?
Request the latest POS compatibility list or any support from NUUO retail team: retail@nuuo.com.

Compatible POS Manufacturers

Compatible POS Manufacturers

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Connectivity and System Architecture

(A) POS Hardware

1. RS232


2. COM Port

COM Port



(B) POS Software

If your POS software sends out the plain text, the text in NUUO tag filter will be correct. If it has more than plain text, NUUO POS tag filter allows user to omit or substitute.

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